Intellectual Property

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Forward legal thinking strategies and technologically advanced solutions.

We provide you with a whole new perspective on safeguarding, managing, and monetizing your idea sand innovations. Your intellectual property is one of the most important business assets you own. Protecting your intellectual assets is vital to staying competitive and investing confidently in developing new products and services.

We work with clients both domestically in the U.S., Mexico and internationally, to provide comprehensive, practical advice to a wide range of emerging and established technology-based businesses.

Our Intellectual Property lawyers and experienced technology team work closely with our business lawyers and are committed to providing clients with forward thinking legal strategies and sound advice through technologically advanced personal service.


Our full-service Intellectual Property Team can help you optimize your IP resources, whether you area established company seeking an array of trademark and copyright protections, or an emerging company seeking to secure strategic business rights.

We can assist you with trademark clearance, prosecution, registration, and licensing, as well as provide counsel and strategy on trademark, copyright, e-commerce, domain name piracy, false advertising, trade secret, and unfair competition issues. When it comes to enforcement and defense of your IP rights, we will carefully consider the best timing and forum for litigation and explore mediation or arbitration options. We will work with you to develop appropriate branding strategies and a comprehensive corporate IP policy to maximize the value of your IP assets.

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