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Dan Kehr Provides Legal Assistance For All Types Of Business Entities

Kehr Business Law, PC provides businesses with a single resource to address the wide variety of business and legal concerns present at every stage of business operation. We help clients create, grow, acquire, manage and protect their assets. We provide our clients with a well-rounded and cost effective approach to business formation, consultation, representation, and litigation. Kehr Business Law, PC provides our clients with the necessary framework enabling them to own and operate their businesses with confidence, stability, and a high-degree of predictability.


Kehr Business Law, PC has become an irreplaceable asset to the entrepreneurs, businesses and large corporations he represents. Our firm has extensive experience in complex business, estate and real estate as well as in foreign and domestic business law matters. Our practice includes the representation, organization and maintenance of foreign and domestic businesses as well as the representation of clients in both large and small corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions. Our corporate experience not only includes the organization and maintenance of corporate entities as well as franchises, but also the preparation of a wide variety of complex business contracts. He enjoys working on merger and acquisition agreements; corporate restructuring; shareholder and buy-sell agreements; real estate and business investment transactions, agreements and disputes; distribution agreements; stock option agreements, employment and independent contractor agreements; trademark and copyright matters; and intellectual property licensing agreements.
We offer a wide range of Business Succession Planning services. Contact us today to speak with an experienced attorney who can help you sort through and plan succession for your business.


Corporate Transactions

Counseling domestic and foreign companies, investors, funds, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, distributors and other growing businesses.


Additional Business Transactions services Kehr Business Law, PC provides:


Start-Ups, Financing and Joint Ventures


Limited Liability Companies and Investment Partnerships


Federal & State Law Compliance


Licensing and Distribution Agreements


Mergers, Acquisitions and Proxy Matters


Asset Backed Financing Structures


Investment Company Formation and Compliance


Real Estate Investment Partnerships


Non-profit Formation and Governance


Compliance and Maintenance


Pre-Public Offerings (IPO’s)


Debt Financing and Restructuring

Legal Assistance for All Business Entities

Our attorneys provide legal services for every type of business or legal entity and can handle every type of business transaction from contracts to intellectual property or even litigation. We serve as council and advisor to a wide variety of business clients, including large corporate clients with more than 500 employees, emerging and start-up businesses, local businesses, and franchises, as well as international businesses.

Our business formation and planning department handles the formation and representation of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and joint business ventures. We also handle intellectual property matters, otherwise referred to as trademarks and copyrights. One of the most important decisions in the life cycle of any business is the choice of the business entity for the proposed enterprise.


The selection of the proper form of business entity requires a careful balancing of tax and nontax considerations. In most cases, the choice will be made from among the following alternatives:

A sole proprietorship, which is relevant only in situations where there is to be a single owner of the business, but this form provides no liability protection;

General and limited partnerships;

Limited liability companies (“LLCs”);

A Corporation – i.e., various corporate forms, including general business or “close” corporations

If you’re not sure which type of business entity is right for your new or existing business? For information on how to choose the proper business entity.


Kehr Business Law is a first-class law firm for all your business, contract, intellectual property & tax planning needs.

Be Sure To Ask About Our Annual Business Entity Maintenance Program Designed To Help You Save Both Time And Money.

Annual Business Entity Maintenance Program

Your time is a valuable commodity. You could answer all the incoming calls. You could do your own accounting. You could book your own travel. But, you don’t. You hired a receptionist. You have a bookkeeper. You have an assistant. You make high-level decisions and delegate the rest. Maintaining your own corporations and LLCs is one way to theoretically save a few hundred dollars per year. The problem is you’re busy. You have employees to manage, customers to keep happy and money to make. Time taken to renew your entities is time taken away from higher-level tasks. Because you’re busy, it’s easy to let the registration of your corporation or LLC lapse. If you enroll your entity(ies) in our Entity Maintenance Program (EMP), you can eliminate that risk entirely. The liability shield of the corporation/LLC (also known as the corporate veil) will be secure which protects your personal assets from your business liabilities. Be your own highest and best use and leave the entity maintenance to us.


Business Succession Planning

Kehr Business Law, PC provides businesses with a single resource to address the wide variety of business and legal concerns present at every stage of business operation. We help clients create, grow, acquire, manage and protect their assets. We provide our clients with a well-rounded and cost-effective approach to business succession planning.


Why do succession planning?

To prevent insiders who retire or are no longer active in the business from continuing to hold shares;to provide continuing ownership and control in the remaining shareholders; to prevent shareholders from selling to other shareholders so as to disturb existing control/financial allocations; to provide an assured market for the shares (and thus, liquidity) on a shareholder’s death, retirement or withdrawal from the corporation; and to establish the shares’ value for federal estate tax and gift tax purposes. Business attorney corporation or llc

What is a Buy-Sell Agreement?

Buy-Sell Agreements are by and between the shareholders (or equity partners of whatever legal description)of a privately-owned business and, the business itself that establish the mechanism for the purchase of stock following the death (or other adverse changes to) of one of the owners. In the case of corporate joint ventures, they also establish the value for break-ups or for circumstances calling for one corporate venture partner to buy out the other partner.


Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

“When you need a law firm that will fight for your interest; understand your goals and be on your side…… there is no finer firm that Kehr Business Law, PC. You will know that they are working on your behalf and will seek the right outcome; one that is fair & just. You can also count on Kehr Business Law PC for corporate filings, estate planning and more. Their annual maintenance & representation program is a value and should be considered. This is my personal experience for the last 5+ years.
– Michael P.”

“Kehr Business Law is professional, friendly, and on point. I have been with Kehr Business Law for 12 years now and have never had a problem!
– Trent F.”

“I have worked with many attorneys before for personal and professional matters…all of which fall short of the standard Dan Kehr sets for the industry. Dan is incredibly well-versed, and trustworthy. I offer my highest recommendation for his services.
– Craig S.”