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Kehr Law’s contract and business legal services include the organization and maintenance of corporate entities and the preparation of various commercial contracts such as distribution
agreements, shareholder and buy-sell agreements; employment agreements; trademark and copyright protection, and intellectual property licensing agreements.

The Kehr Business Law, PC focuses on the formation and representation of businesses, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and joint business ventures, property and investment
transactions, trademark and copyright law, business and individual tax planning, domestic and international contracts, corporate finance transactions and corporate mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. We also provide real estate litigation legal services involving both residential, commercial and land disputes, broker liability, landlord-tenant matters, unlawful-detainers, premises liability, toxic tort defense and related insurance coverage analysis. Moreover, we provide probate and trust administration legal services. In addition to personal asset protection, we also focus on estate and tax planning to provide our clients with a single, complete and comprehensive legal resource.


As an Attorney and a Licensed California Real Estate Broker and owner of a Real Estate company, Dan  Kehr has a broad legal and business background. Dan’s practice primarily focuses on real estate matters, national and international business and corporate law matters, contract law matters as well as estate planning asset protection and tax law matters.

Our firm also counsels domestic and international real estate developers, brokers, lending companies, investment groups, REITs and other high net-worth entrepreneurs on a variety of real estate matters, ranging from secured lending transactions (acquisition, development, construction, revolving, permanent and mezzanine financing), post-financing asset management, workouts, deeds-in-lieu, REOs, purchases/sales, leasing and property management. He has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting residential as well as commercial transactions.



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Contract negotiations are generally not a fun experience for most business people. Besides being stressful, hectic, and nerve racking, contract negotiations can have major implications on your future. This is why we recommend that you hire an experience attorney to aid you in this process. When entering into any negotiation, your primary goal is to obtain the most favorable deal possible. The Kehr Business Law, PC is here to help you do just that.

As an established multi-dynamic law firm, Dan Kehr has accumulated tremendous amounts of negotiating experience in a wide range of practice areas. Whether for an employment contract, real estate transaction, distribution agreement, estate plan, shareholder agreement, or mediation, our firm has the necessary skills and experience to ensure you obtain the most favorable outcome in the transaction. To aid you in the negotiation process, the firm will perform the proper due diligence, inform you of all your possible options, the legal and business implications of each option, and what limitations, if any, may influence your or your oppositions decision. Being informed is one of the most valuable assets in the negotiation process, as the more informed party is typically the victor in the transaction.


Additionally, The Kehr Business Law, PC can help you adjust to any new circumstances that arise within the negotiation process. In a tug-of-war type setting, new considerations may become present and you will want to know how to value these changes and their legal implications. Our experienced attorney scan help you with this adjustment.

Being a good negotiator comes from experience, and retaining legal counsel is a must if you do not have extensive negotiating experience. Most likely, the opposing party to your transaction has negotiated your particular contract before, and is more experienced in that particular area than you are. Combat this inequity by retaining Kehr Law to represent you in your contract negotiations and ensure that you receive the most favorable terms in your transaction.


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